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It's been a few years since I've seen some of these designs, but HELLA excited to see them come out of the file basement! With the emergence of PRINTFUL and SHOPIFY, I am able to simply upload designs from each brand and superimpose them on various garments. Then, with a click of a few buttons, I have an online store presence where I am able to showcase and sell all of my designs! DOPE!

Right now, I'm focused on 2 brands in particular. 63 FOREVER is a brand dedicated to the life of our best friend, VIC NEVILLE. URBAL is a street lifestyle brand heavily influenced on 90's Hip Hop golden era. My other brands ESCAPE, UNFADABLE, EDJJ, COTTON BOOKS will launch later on this year. Who knows...Sun Gods, Minor League and Dead Mans Loot just might be able to make a comeback! Baby steps!

Thank you to all who have helped and contributed along the way. Eric Iriarte, Phil Casiano, Duston Machado, Steven Cranston, Quar Brown, Vinnie Nguyen, Jon Poei, Casey Rogers, Marc Idio, Lionel Correa and countless others. Maraming Salamat! (Ask a filipino what that means.)

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